Most companies now rely on automation in their communication systems to streamline their services. Automation is used to improve the experience of customers and callers. Automatic communication systems help reduce costs, increase efficiency and increase customer satisfaction rating. Call centres with high volume outgoing calls benefit a lot from such systems. They can reach larger number of people in the shortest possible time. predictive dialer systems prove very useful for this purpose.

Extra information about predictive dialer systems
What Are These systems?

It is a combination of hardware, software and human callers. The purpose is to make sure the company executives calling customers, clients, prospects or anyone else do not waste time listening to ring tones, voicemail box messages, and busy signals. Intelligent programming is used to connect the call centre agent only when a live real caller answers the call. The agent does not have to waste time listening to answering machines, voicemail systems and fax machines. The agent receives only live calls. It improves productivity and efficiency of the call centre.

How Do They Work?

These systems makes multiple calls at the same time. It waits for the responses and screens out connections that do not show live responses from the other ends. It usually happens when a call is made to a number connected to the fax machine or voicemail system. There can be other reasons when a call is not received at the other end by a live person. These calls are not connected to the call centre agent. The computer connected to the system is able to differentiate between a real caller and human voice recorded in the voicemail system. It connects the call centre agent to the call only when a real person answers the call personally. It identifies the human voice and immediately connects the call to the call centre agent waiting in line to receive the call. It can also play a message if no agent is available immediately to receive the call. This system has programming intelligence built into it. As more and more calls are connected over time, it becomes more efficient in predicting the live calls.


These systems ensure no time is wasted in busy signals, incorrect numbers and voicemail messages. It detects the response of a live person and immediately connects the call to the call centre agent. It results in boost to call volumes. It increases productivity of call centre executives. They become capable of handling larger number of calls when they do not have to waste time on calls with no live response. The system collects a large amount of data that can be used to improve campaigns. It removes dialling errors by humans.